Miko Galvez
Design & Engineering

Get To Know Me


Engr. Miko Galvez

The Engineer

Hi! I’m Miko Galvez, a licensed civil engineer and graduate of De La Salle University - Manila, with a passion for design and technology.

I’ve been practicing civil engineering since May 2017, providing signed and sealed working drawings and managing construction projects.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

This mindset I acquired from one of our managers at work pushes me to put in my best effort and make sure that the end product stays true to the original vision for each project.

I feel that a problem should be tackled in creative ways. With my passion for data science, researching and designing automated systems & databases allow me to work efficiently, so that I can focus on quality and execution.

Analytical with my engineering, I try to balance my day job with some personal creative endeavors.


The Creative

“Medevenx”, the online persona I created more than a decade ago was my creative outlet.

An avid gamer before I could even speak, my earliest memories were from playing video games. Over the years, my passion has evolved from simply playing, to creating for video games.

At a young age, I learned pixel art & animation for 2D games, my favorite art form to this day. My love for pop and geek culture such as comic books, anime, TV shows & movies, inspire me to create for multiple art forms such as animation, illustration, and writing.

My interest in basketball set me on the path to becoming one of the most recognized mod developers for PC basketball gaming for more than half a decade. The projects I led were really innovative and had a large following where I collaborated with people all over the world!

I am thankful for the balance between my engineering and creative work. However, the person behind the professional and the persona has quite a lot more to offer.


The Person

As an up-and-coming professional and creative, my mission is to make a positive impact in other people’s lives.

If I can make an impact in your life by providing my creative or engineering services, thank you for the opportunity! However, sharing what I have learned can also make the same impact.

Self development is an advocacy of mine, pushing me to improve and produce better results constantly. For this advocacy, I’ve started a blog to share what I continue to learn in career and lifestyle.

My minimalist lifestyle means I only have things that give value to my life. This life-changing movement is also incorporated in my work, keeping my designs simple, understandable, fresh, and meaningful. Being intentional with what you want in life is a message I want to send with my work.

That’s me! An up-and-comer, an engineer, a designer, an advocate, and a minimalist.