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This Blog And What It Stands For


A blog in 2019?

Well, this isn’t just a personal lifestyle blog or some kind of career-oriented blog with multiple writers. No. This is a little bit broader than just an individual blog and more personal than a blog company’s website.

I’m Miko Galvez. An up-and-coming engineer, artist and designer. This weekly blog serves as a platform for me to influence your life in a positive way by sharing my knowledge and experience in self development.

The Personal

Last year in 2018, I felt like I had achieved a lot of things I set out to do. I was able to enjoy myself more at work, I spent more time with family and friends. It was overall a successful year to be honest. However, something was missing. My happiness felt incomplete.

Looking back at the year, I checked to see what things I missed and what weren’t I able to do during the year. I realized that I had not focused on any advocacy last year. That absolutely crushed me since I have lived most of my life with a mindset of serving others and I took 2018 as a year to focus on myself and what I wanted. Ultimately, it turned out that I needed an advocacy to be happy since that was who I am.

Years ago, me and several contributors were creating and releasing video game content for free for more than half a decade. My old website “Medevenx” which hosted the free video game content had reached 18 million views in less around 2 years. Hundreds of thousands were viewing every month, and I had a Facebook following of over a hundred thousand likes.

Making the content accessible and free of charge allowed more people to enjoy the experience delivered by the video game content. People were posting on all of their social networks screenshots and even videos of them playing and that they were enjoying it.

It was last year that I decided to leave all social networks to focus on my well being. While my departure from creating video game content and social networking sites is a story for another time, I realized that being able to influence the lives of other people in a positive way was something missing in my life when I stopped updating my old website.

That’s what I wanted in life, making other people’s lives better through the content that I create, and services that I provide.

To do that, I decided to start this blog. This blog is dedicated to three major topics:

Career, Advocacy, and Personal Finance.


I believe that we should all have a realistic chance of becoming successful at our careers. As an up-and-coming engineer and designer, I want to inspire others to take that leap and make the change that will lead you to a better career. This blog is dedicated for those of you who may just be starting your job, your business, your education or making a career shift.


I am an advocate of self development, minimalism, environmentalism and an intentional life without social networking. This blog exists to show you what I believe to be the important things in life such as becoming a better version of yourself, being intentional with the things you want in life, becoming more aware of your surroundings and living in the moment instead of always capturing it.

Personal Finance

Money talk is definitely taboo, especially in the Philippines. But it shouldn’t be. To be able to help each other reach their financial goals starts with us having a transparent conversation about money. We should be saving more and spending less, while making the right conscious decisions with our money by living within our means. We should choose the lifestyle that we can afford now, so that we can improve that lifestyle that we can hopefully afford later.

The purpose of this weekly blog is for me to share with you my knowledge, experience and hopefully provide value to your life.

I will be talking about career, advocacy, and finances to help guide those that are looking for advice and guidance in these topics.

I will not use social networking sites to promote this blog as it is against my advocacy to use them. I want you to stay away from social networking sites as much as possible.

I will not use advertising to make money off of this blog because it is against my advocacy of minimalism to advertise products that you probably don’t need.

This blog is the embodiment of my dedication to serving other people by taking hours of my life to provide free written content on self development. Thank you and stick around!

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