Miko Galvez
Design & Engineering
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Game Design

Innovating game mechanics, levels, and interface for the best player experience.

Original Content

Game Design Documents, Interface Design, UX Design, Level Design, Plot Writing, Storyboards, Marketing Strategies, Business Models

Jump ‘N Shoot Man

Jump ‘N Shoot Man

Platformers & Sidescrollers

Beat ‘Em Ups & Tournament Fighters

Top-Down ARPGs & Turn-Based RPGs


Project Management, Gameplay Improvements, Feature Innovation, Heavy Documentation, Social Media Marketing & Management

Frequent updates for the NBA Roster with accurate ratings & parameters produced from custom formulas developed based on statistics analysis of advanced basketball data.

PBA, UAAP & NCAA teams from the Philippines featured with custom gameplay modes that created an authentic Filipino basketball experience.

FIBA & Olympic teams with contributions from international collaborators from USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Lithuania, France, Serbia, Spain, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia & New Zealand.

Teams from Anime such as Kuroko No Basuke, Slam Dunk, and Dear Boys with custom gameplay settings that mirror the awesome basketball experience portrayed in the anime and manga.