Miko Galvez
Design & Engineering
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A technical tone or a conversational tone, I write in whichever tone fits your needs the most.


Providing a cost & comparison analysis of a product against its competition through heavy research with citations.
My product review with analysis or recommendation can be created in the form of writing, infographic, or slideshow presentation.

Niche Web

Producing web content such as reviews, thoughts and analysis on certain forms of media that I personally enjoy and consume such as basketball, anime, TV shows & movies, comic books, video games, professional wrestling, Korean music, technology, and almost anything pop or geek culture related.


My engineering practice involves writing specifications documents for construction. As a tech enthusiast, I also write specifications for computing devices for detailed comparisons. With my passion for data science, I conduct a lot of research to accurately produce specifications documents.

With my upcoming blog on guiding up-and-coming professionals and creatives on the way, as well as my experience writing guides for various content such as gaming and even technical installation, writing guides is one of my favorite pieces to write as we all are in need of guides.